Each of the following instruments are available to purchase using the links below. All instruments are made by hand and are unique to one another. Therefor, small differences may exist between each model. Please allow up to 2 weeks time for construction before shipping. 

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The Oxblood 

The Oxblood, Mk. II

The Oxblood is an electro-acoustic instrument consisting of four compression springs amplified by contact microphones. Each spring consists of a different thickness and tension and is suspended across the instrument’s solid wooden body, attached to steel L-shaped brackets. A handmade contact microphone is attached to each set of brackets in order to directly amplify the vibrations of the performers interactions with each spring. Each microphone is routed to a separate output channel, allowing the performer to command a wide array of amplification set-ups (such as 4-channel surround rings) as well as providing the freedom to manipulate each spring’s audio signal through individual effects processing techniques. The performer can excite the Oxblood’s springs through various scraping, plucking, bending, and snapping techniques. Due to the sensitivity of the contact microphones, percussive actions on the instrument’s body and slight pressure against the microphones themselves can also yield sonically intriguing rhythmic and tonal results. 

The Mark II model (aka "Junior") was first built for Monica Pearce and was featured in her work Cognitive Dissonance, commissioned by the Thin Edge New Music Collective.

Composer Monica Pearce demonstrates the performance capabilities of the Oxblood, Mk. II

Check out more of Monica's work here: http://www.monicapearce.com/

Oxblood (Mk. II)
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