Anthony T. Marasco is a composer and sound artist who takes influence from the aesthetics of today's Digimodernist culture, exploring the relationships between the eccentric and the every-day, the strict and the indeterminate, the raw and the refined, and the retro and the contemporary. These explorations result in a wide variety of works written for electro-acoustic ensembles, interdisciplinary fixed-media works, interactive computer performance systems, and multimedia installations.

An internationally recognized composer, he has received commissions from performers and institutions such as WIRED Magazine, Phyllis Chen, the American Composers Forum Philadelphia, Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, Toy Piano Composers, the Rhymes With Opera New Chamber Music Workshop, Data Garden, andPLAY Duo, MakeSh/ft Maker Community, and the soundSCAPE International Composition Exchange. Marasco was the grand-prize winner of the UnCaged Toy Piano Festival's 2013 Call for Scores, a resident artist at Signal Culture Experimental Media Labs, and a grant winner for the American Composers Forum’s “If You Could Hear These Walls” project. His works have been featured at festivals across the globe, such as the Electroacoustic Barn Dance, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, Montreal Contemporary Music Lab, the Force Field Philadelphia Project, the soundSCAPE International Composition and Performance Festivals, and Omaha Under the Radar. In the fall of 2014, his piece Communiqué was featured on the debut album release by Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, Realign the Time.

Anthony also builds and designs custom interactive computer systems and electroacoustic instruments for his own use and for the works of others. Recent instruments include a robotic percussion instrument (for his installation For the Man Who Has Everything), the Oxblood—a series of amplified tension springs that can be individually routed to signal processing effects—,and a set of prepared board games that can be used as physical controllers for digital software instruments.

Marasco currently serves on the adjunct faculties of the University of Scranton and the Pennsylvania State University, where he has taught and authored courses on digital music, western music history, ethnomusicology, and film music. In addition to these teaching appointments, he has also taught private lessons and workshops in composition and digital music performance techniques in the Northeastern Pennsylvania region. In 2014, he served as a community committee member for the planing of the first Northeastern Pennsylvania Mini Maker Faire.


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